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Hello, I sold my first ZJ (and first Jeep ever) about 4 months ago, and 3 months ago I started to regret it. I told my wife and she said I should buy another and keep my newer car a 2009 GTI too (she's so cool).

My old ZJ (BLUE ONE) 4.0 Laredo, was purchased very cheap and I fixed A LOT of things on it , still needed more work before I sold it. I also painted it, did a 2" BB and 30x9.5" tires.

I've owned mostly german cars, and driven A LOT of different vehicles but there was something about the ZJ I missed...

Today my regret was vanquished! I purchased a 1996 V8 Laredo (RED), power options, heated mirrors, factory skid plates (front, transfer case, fuel tank), and it's entirely stock. The body is fairly clean and it has only 120k miles! I plan to fix all of the problems (AC, radio, rear wiper, exhaust, etc...) and make it "sturdy", not a rock crawler, but fun on unimproved roads and light trails. I'd like to eventually ditch the Quadratrac for a 231 or 242 and U joint axles in the front.

I do all my own work, so I'll update this thread with my progress. I'm glad to be a Grand Cherokee owner once again!


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