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I have a 2005 Grand Cherokee, 3.7L V6 with an issue that's stumping me a bit. Just did a new set of cylinder heads because a lifter broke out of its bore and through the valve cover. I bought it this way so no idea how it ran before but once I got it back together, it ran good with no issues.

After a little while, it started to give me a cylinder 1 misfire code (P0301) so I did a new set of ignition coils, which seemed to improve things but it still had a slightly rough idle (can just barely feel the shake sitting in the rig). I tried a second new set of plug and also did all new O2 sensors with no change. Eventually, I also got a large evap leak (P0455) code so tried a new purge solenoid. No change.

Based on what I've read, the actual vapor canister is an option as well but since that is a bit more expensive, I wanted to first check here if anyone has other ideas to try/check.
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