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Recently had transmission failure in my 2001.

Was told that 1994-2004 42RE transmissions were the same --

Bought a used 1996 42RE and had installed.

The jeep ran great the 1st time it was driven - shifted perfect.
Pulled it back in the shop to re-check fluids and when it was time to take home
the jeep started stalling everytime it was put in R. Finally got it out of the shop, and when put in gear, had a hard shift and sounded rough. Stalled in R again.

Mechanic said the hook-ups were the same - he had to re-wire some external lines to shifter, starter...

Jeep has a bad battery -- has to be jumped each time to start it.
Mechanic said he tried a new battery, just to see if it helped - said it was good initially again, but the longer it ran, it started stalling in R again.

Any suggestions?!?!?!

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