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I live in Macedonia and of this version is just one in this Country and is really for enjoy and its like a new is realy expensive for keeping!and all parts IS NOT HAVED A HERE!

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i lurn now everything abaut Jeep! of Book Servis Manual...i buy now shifter ney becouse is stock on 2nd gear and is driving max 52 мph........
The procedures contained in this manual include
all of the specifications, instructions, and graphics
needed to diagnose 45RFE/545RFE Electronic Au-
tomatic Transmission (EATX) problems. The diag-
nostics in this manual are based on the failure
condition or symptom being present at the time of
When repairs are required, refer to the appropri-
ate volume of the service manual for the proper
removal and repair procedure.
Diagnostic procedures change every year. New
diagnostic systems may be added and/or carryover
systems may be enhanced. READ THIS MANUAL
TROUBLE CODE. It is recommended that you
review the entire manual to become familiar with
all new and changed diagnostic procedures.
This diagnostic procedures manual covers all
2002 Model Year WJ/WG equipped with a 45RFE/
545RFE Automatic Transmission.
Diagnosis of the 45RFE/545RFE electronic trans-
mission is done in six basic steps:
• Verification of complaint
• Verification of any related symptoms
• Symptom analysis
• Problem isolation
• Repair of isolated problem
• Verification of proper operation
The 45RFE/545RFE Transmission family can be
identified by confirming the presence of a 23 pin
electrical connector on the left hand side of the
transmission oriented vertically near the manual
The 45RFE/545RFE electronic transmission is a
conventional transmission in that it uses hydrauli-
cally applied clutches to shift a planetary gear
train. However, the electronic control system re-
places many of the mechanical and hydraulic com-
ponents used in conventional transmission valve
The 45RFE/545RFE electronic transmission is a
fully electronically controlled transmission. The
Transmission Control Module (TCM) is similar to
(but not the same as) the one used in the 41TE and
42LE transmissions, therefore many similarities
exist in function and diagnosis.
The 45RFE/545RFE has an overrunning clutch
(used in 1st gear), an electronically controlled
torque converter clutch, 3 planetary gearsets, and
six clutch packs. The clutches are called 2nd Clutch
(2C), 4th Clutch (4C), Low/Reverse Clutch (LR),
Reverse Clutch (RC), Underdrive Clutch (UD), and
Overdrive Clutch (OD).
Although the 45RFE is considered a 4 speed
transmission, it really has 5 forward gear ratios.,
the 545RFE is considered a 5 speed transmission, it
really has 6 forward gear ratios. 2nd gear (1.67:1)
and 2nd prime (1.50:1) gear are so close in ratio that
they are not considered to be different gear ratios,
although both are used as 2nd gear under certain
conditions. During most upshift and downshift ma-
neuvers, 2nd gear will be used. 2nd prime gear is
only used for a high speed 4-2 downshift. The
545RFE transmission is essentially a software
change to the TCM that allows an additional over-
drive ratio of (.667:1). The gear ratio of 4th Prime is
achieved by applying the 2C and OD clutches. The
4th Prime is used above 52 MPH. All gear ratios in
the 45RFE/545RFE are achieved by applying two
elements (clutches). During a shift, one element is
released and another is applied, resulting in a
different ratio. This is called a clutch to clutch shift.
In order to perform a 4-2 downshift, two elements
would have to be released and two different ele-
ments applied. The 2nd prime gear ratio allows a
clutch to clutch 4-2’ (2nd prime) downshift.
The oil pump in the 45RFE/545RFE is a dual
stage positive displacement gear type pump. At idle
and low engine speeds, both stages are working.
Once the engine speed reaches a point where one
side of the pump can supply the necessary system
requirements, the second stage is vented. This
pump configuration gives the pressure and flow of a
large displacement pump at low speeds, and the
economy of a small displacement pump at higher
engine speeds. The oil pump housing also contains
some of the valves that are found in the valve body
in a 41TE or 42LE transmission. The Converter
Clutch Switch Valve, Converter Clutch Regulator
Valve, Torque Converter Limit Valve, and the Pres-
sure Regulator Valve, are all found in the oil pump
i buy ney modu and now is cith no problems!
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