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Project started with replacing the leaky rocker cover gasket on my 97 GC 4.0L six.
One thing leads to another so I replaced the heater hoses then thought, "While I'm at it".
The hoses turned into a new (never rebuilt!) water pump and thermostat.
What Haynes doesn't tell you is a transmission cooler line is attached to the fan shroud with a push in clip.
Once I got past that and removed the shroud and fan as a unit I thought, "Why not spring for new water pump hub studs.
A $2.99 a pop seems like a no brainer rather than struggle double nutting the old ones out.
Seems Crown automotive, the only source for replacement studs superseded the part with a completely different piece but left the old photo up.
FYI: All the Jeep part dealers use the old Crown photo. Of course Ebay scalpers will sell you the old style studs for $20.
The replacement studs will work but you have to measure the old ones then use Locktite™ Red because the shoulder in in the middle of the stud.
But wait! There's more!
Tonight I found the sadist what replaced the radiator installed the spring clamp for the lower hose facing down so I get to pull the radiator.
Next time i'll just drain the coolant and iff the radiator with stop leak.
Rant over (for now).
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