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New to NAGCA! Rehab/Refresh project for Dad's hand-me-down '96 ZJ awd 5.2 Upcountry.
Fully re-newed Frt suspension:
Hubs, CVs, Axles, PwrStop HD drill/slot/caliper kit (fantastic!), U/L balljoints, Recent Idler, 2 tr ends, some C arm bushings @ 140k/ 205k now Monroe UC Remakes x4 (belgium made!?) Monroe Stabilizer replaced long dead one.
Still To go, parts on hand full poly rebuild of F/R Sways and links.
Poly bush to F Trakbar.
Never had a hint of death wobble. Until the rebuild. First gave a hint a couple of weeks in, a little clunk right hand side almost like a ball joint, no loss of control nothing overt. Faded away for a couple of weeks came back stronger, definitely discernible. I let a retard put my shocks on, who displaced the bushings and cup washers. Now it goes insane at about 30 miles an hour over any kind of bump. I gave it the steering wheel jerk to see if that would snap it out of it and all that managed to do was blow the high pressure PS line..! So that replaced, the shocks temporarily tied down tightly. Front bushings did not come with the shocks and my little rural Town seems to have none, Amazon is out of a poly kit for it.
So the first question order of the day definitively what the hell is going on!? How did replacing the shocks badly turn this insidious phenomena loose? Front shocks were working before but they definitely were not in their prime The replacements are pretty damn good. As I say I plan to move on to the track bar. All other knuckles every other fitting seems tight as a drum. It has not been realigned it does track pretty well I noticed the adjustments on the lower control arms are set differently and have been apparently for years. Is it possible to sway bar rebuild will help at all or just in normal handling and body roll, as I was hoping. My mechanic said put a steering stabilizer on it well until the chalk issue that did take 90% of it out of there. But it's not satisfactory to me because I know it wants to and now with the shocks I can feel it's it's trying to do it all the damn time and is only cut off somewhat, or effectively by the steering dampener. That's not good enough! the next thing if I can ever find them and I have plenty of questions for you about that. Is an upsizing of wheels and tires. We'll get into that later but I do want to stay within the wheel wells this is a vehicle that I may drive 2500 miles that's a drop of a hat and not cross country in the mud. But it has "popped" a buddie's 250 powerstroke out of the ditch four times this summer. Also I do tow a 2800 lb inboard old school boat.
My hope is to widen the total track two to three inches total and go from my p235 75 15s, to 16 or 17 inch rims holding AT toyos or pirellis ... RUNNING RIGHT AT 30 in tall by 9.7 wide. No less. And increasing the contact patch over these Goodyear wranglers by an inch or so.
Please, please!? I'm inviting knowledgeable experienced comment on the direction to go on the death wobble, mind you I understand I got to get the shocks tied down properly and get the bushing on the track bar. What else could be setting this off is it that Jeeps have crappy engineering geometry? Or besides the track bar or there's some well-known culprits that I'm overlooking and, how to troubleshoot or test them for failure I cannot find any slack or slop!

how much sag or where to the springs and/or spring pads am I likely to have on a vehicle of this age and mileage never abused, where to measure on the vehicle to see if I still have my original height approximately or how much I've lost?

And lastly as a preliminary because every vendor I have spoken to has got either no opinion or seems to be the wrong opinion is the overall on my planned Wheel/Tire upSize/ upGrade??
Which represents about 2-in overall increase in diameter, maybe 3/4 of an inch in sidewall sidewall, and maybe an inch in contact patch.
Factory offset? This number is given to me all over the map from 25 to 32 with the up country which I thought was a seven and a half inch wide rim measuring outside the outside which is what they're telling me but it looks to me like it's a 7 inch rim.
Confused and Ill informed. which is an uncomfortable place that I don't reside at for very long
Many many thanks for allowing me here, and indulging my overindulgence. If you will I'm not looking for guessing I'm looking for the old dogs who bleed Jeep, with ZJ rising. Tj
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