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I've been a "Jeep guy" since we bought our first XJ in 1993, a one owner 1992 two door five speed Laredo. Since then, I've owned a total of six XJ's, 1986-1999 model years.

We bought a 1993 Grand Cherokee with the factory five speed new from the dealership in Colorado Springs in 1993 and sold it for parts in 2016 after the electronic gremlins became too much to deal with. At the time we sold it, the ZJ had 272k miles on it. I kept the original front seats from it, since they were still like new, to be used at some point in the future.

My daughter and son-in-law now have our last XJ, a lifted 1999 four door, so he doesn't have to ride his motorcycle to college in the snow and ice this winter. In turn, we picked up our second WJ, the first being a $500 POS that I never took the time to get running, (too many other commitments.) Our current Jeep is a green 2001 WJ 4.0L with the NP242 transfer case. It currently has 214k miles and runs quite well. Unit bearings and the driver's side CV shaft are on the to do list for next week, followed by the rear suspension, since steering is a bit vague coming off neutral, until the rear settles on its track.



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