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Hello I'm an avid Jeeper and I'm a proud dad with Ruby F. Carver PTA and we had an awesome Disney trip donated to us for a raffle.
and I wanted to share because time is running out! We have a fairly poor population at our school and this was an awesome opportunity for our PTA to raise funds! Tickets can be purchased online for $15 and support the "STEM" programs, events, and low income students at our school. Thanks for you support!

The raffle is
5 days for 4 people, Hotel/air/rental car included
a Disney cruise with Disney bucks for the cruise and airfare.

the PTA website and the direct link to the tickets is

the drawing is on MAY 30th!!! and There are only 1500 tickets to be sold.

let me know if this should be in another part of the site... I just didn't see a better section for this.

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