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Hello I have a White 5.9 for sale with approx 153,000 on it.
Motor and Tranny are better than anyone would ever think with that kind of mileage.

The Good 1'st...

I just put in Alloy USA Axles & Wheel Bearings in the rear only to find out the pinion & carrier bearings need to be replaced.
Brand new Crossed drilled & Slotted Rotors & Centric Stop Tech pads All around.
I replaced ALL the front & rear swaybar & both trackbar bushings with Poly.
All New E Brake Shoes & Hardware.
Hankook DynaPro ATM's ( less than 6 months old )
The Ultra Star Rims look to be in almost brand new conditon with ZERO Curb Rash believe it or not.
Just installed Brand New Ironman Motor Mounts.
3 Inch Skyjacker Liftkit was already installed when I bought it last March.
K&N CAI ( Already Installed when I bought it )
I was told when I bought it that it has the Mopar Performance ECU in it but I never checked out the part #'s and there is another ECU that will be included if I sell the vehicle.
The 5.9 Seats were ripping so I found another set in better condition ( Yes same sew pattern ) that were in better condition with no rips and installed them.
It has Alpine Type R speakers in the doors and an Alpine Deck w/Ipod cable and also an Alpine Amp under the rear seat and a custom made subwoofer box in the back and yes the system pounds.
A Flowmaster 40 Series was already installed when i bought it.

Now the bad that I know about.

the rear diff is making noise and it's the carrier and pinion bearings.
I bought New Timken Replacement bearings but not installed.
The Front Hubs & CV joints need to be replaced.
I bought new decent quality replacements but they are not installed.
There is a Check Engine Light and was told it's the Cat Sensor, I had it scanned and was told the Cat itself is bad.
I bought a Magnaflow Highflow cat but it's not installed.
I was in an accident and was hit on the drivers side rear quarter panel and never bothered to fix it since it doesn't seem to affect how it drives ( pics attached ) I did replace the broken drivers side tail light.
there is a very small rust spot showing through on the drivers side hood on the lip in the front.
It does have a bad VC on the Transfer Case so the front drive shaft has been removed but I did have the front shaft rebuilt with all new U-Joints.

I do not want to take the time or spend the money to fix it nor do I have the tools or space to part it out or else I would.

It would take a few $$ to fix and get it back to where it deserves to be.

Either fix it or use it for a parts vehicle.

I'd like to get $1,800 for it but am open to all offers

Please feel free to call or text me at 978.867.5918

The vehicle is located in Woburn Massachusetts

Thank You for looking,



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