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This is going to be the weirdest one yet. Found out that a rat has been carrying small palm tree nuts up under my hood and storing them. Size of a hazel nut. It either put one somewhere or it fell into some cavity under the motor, air vent system etc. I can hear it rolling back and forth when I stop and start, does not move when I go left or right. It rolls for about 2-3 seconds so I am estimating it rolls about 2-3 ft.
my question is what space is under there somewhere that is about 3 ft long and does not have an opening for it to roll out, bounce out etc. has to be a narrow gap because when I turn left or right I can’t hear it, just when I stop and go.
iI can hear it coming from the passenger side. I removed the cabin filter and there were rat turds on it, but doesn’t look like it could get through the fan motor assembly.
The sound is driving me friggen crazy!!
2020 Grand Cherokee 6cyl
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