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skyjacker 3inch coils for $170 on ebay

it ends in 2 hours but nobody has i'm sure you could contact the seller/or it will be re-listed anyway...if i would have seen this before i got my 2" spacers and new coils i would have just gotten these =

i'm in no way affiliated with this seller, he could have already put a topic on here or someplace about having them, i don't know. Just thought i'd an ebay-er for life.


'94 ZJ, V8, 127k+ miles, K&N, Flowmasters, Desert ox deer pusher, 1.75"+.5" spacers, 31x10.50 pro comp ATs, pro comp es9000's, pro comp 8" lights on 45x60 surco safari rack, 15 inch sub+ all that makes it go boom, bent antenna, scratches from trees, dark

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