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So my Jeep started this annoying problem a few weeks ago...

If I come to a complete stop, like at a red light or stop sign, there is a shudder and jerk beneath the vehicle. But only if I don't ease into the stop. Like, say I'm coming up on an intersection, the light turns red fairly quickly and I have to stop hard. If I ease into a stop it doesn't do it, but it does sometimes do the shudder thing when I let off the brake pedal. Also, if I have do stop hard, I can most of the time prevent the shudder/jerk by letting off the brake the last foot or so before the full stop.

The only way that I really know how to describe it, is imagine you have 3-4 marbles or some kind of ball in a straight line, in an enclosed tube...when you tilt it one direction, the balls all roll to the other side with a small delay between each one, then you can feel them all hit the end one by one in short succession.

I at first thought it was the gears in the transmission slipping back into place or something, but after doing some research here, over on NAXJ, and CherokeeForum, I think it might could be either an unlubed joint/bearing, a bad UJoint or some kind of bearing going out.

I'm not too terribly inclined when it comes to auto mechanics, so I've basically just been trying to do the symptom elimination method to narrow it down to a few possible causes. And now I'm here to ask others opinions/expertise on what you all might think it is.

I should also note: The transmission shifts beautifully through all gears, no noise, no jerks or anything.

2004 GC
4x4 42RE
4.0 I6
just over 49k miles
All stock no mods at all
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