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rockers and push rods

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anybody have a view on the best rockers and push rods for a 94 grand cherokee limited. Im changing valve cover gasket and to me a no brainer to change rods ,rockers and pivots. straight 6. thanks
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I used ENGINETECH parts from Rock Auto when I replaced the head Gasket, Valves, Cam followers, pushrods, rockers and pivots when I rebuilt my 4.0 1996 ZJ for bad starting and misfire at times but have a feeling some of those parts are not available at the moment.
And as a note you can only change the followers with the head removed.
It is also well worth changing the PCV grommets and valves as they tend to leak oil out as they age and go hard and the valves can break when trying to remove them.
Just done a rocker gasket and grommets on my Dad's 97 XJ to cure an oil leak but rockers are quiet so left them alone :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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