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because I am to lazy to repost here is the link to my Rocker replacement pictures and alittle write-up

Well I finally got the pics for the Rocker replacement. Enjoy.

I even threw in a pic of the Backup Lights I installed in the rear hatch.

Hope this helps you out Huffdady, maybe that ARB sticker counts for the real thing. LOL

This is of the stock rockers removed, notice the A and B pillars

A little closer. Notice all the paint stripped off to make welding to the popcan thin metal a little easier.

Notice the Cutout for the A pillar

This is the piece of 1x1 angle iron that I welded to the 4x4 to make up the difference in the 5 inch depth of the original space. It also provided a nice surface to weld the pinch seam to.

Closeup of a cutout

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