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TL:DR Version - I got in an accident, jeep wouldn't shift, what can shop look at to verify integrity of tranny?

Long Version - I was T-boned on the back drivers side of my 2014 WK2 back in October. It's been in the shop for almost 2 months because they keep finding things. At first it was just body damage, but they also had to replace the rear suspension as well.

At the scene of the accident, I couldn't get the Jeep back into park after being hit, so I just put the e-brake on and shut it off. The Jeep was getting towed up onto a flat bed and while it was facing about 60 degrees up in the air, the tow truck driver realized it was still in park. So while the Jeep was essentially straight up in the air, the drive jumped in the jeep and attempted to shift it into gear. When I saw this, the Jeep did a monster jerk in the rear direction. He got out, and tried pulling it up again. Got back into the jeep and again, tried shifting it and the same jerk. What the tow truck driver doesn't know, is you have to leave the door shut and just use the neutral switch.

I'm mechanically inclined, but my weak point is transmissions. What type of damage could this have done to the transmission? I'm oblivious to the electronic transmissions in these. I've told the shop to inspect it, but what can they inspect? My concern is that I owe a lot of money on this jeep still, it's my tow vehicle, and I can't afford to have any premature transmission failures until it's paid off.

When the vehicle is done at the shop, what can I do myself to inspect the integrity of the transmission or drivetrain? I'm allowed to take it for a drive before final transfer back from the insurance company. Any buzzwords I should use with my insurance adjuster saying I want an in-depth inspection of any kind?

Both the insurance adjuster and the shop have brushed my questions off since they've had it, but I understand if they haven't even looked yet because it's not driveable. One of my initial thoughts is to request having the jeep inspected by my local Jeep repair shop since it's currently at the highest rated body shop in the area. But I'd expect the body shop to have about the same knowledge as the Jeep shop anyways. Thoughts?
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