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GSSE 2007- Information and Registration

The 5th annual Grand Slam Southeast will be held August 3-5 in Tellico, NC.

Camping will be at Crawfords’ Camp as in previous years. The campground has a clean, climate-controlled bathhouse with hot showers; rock garden, RTI ramp, free wireless Internet, an air compressor, and a shop available for rental should you need it. They also have water/electric sites if you’re thinking about bringing an RV. You can call 828-837-9077 to reserve a site (or cabin). They accept major credit cards. See for more info and directions.

We will be having a Saturday night cookout as in the past. This won’t be anything fancy, just hot dogs and burgers, but it’s usually the only time everyone is together at the same time. Soft drinks will be provided. The cost for this is $5 an adult, $2 per child. Aside from camping, the only thing you’ll need money for is the Upper Tellico ORV area day use fee. Bring $10 cash (or check) for each day you will be wheeling.

Changes for this Year

This year we are going to try to set up the groups a little better. We want you to have the most fun possible. More on this in a minute.

Taking a page out of GSW’s book, we are also going to use a waiver this year. This just keeps our liability down and gives us a record of who attended. Before your first trail ride, you will be required to sign this.

Ummm Wheeling….?

So that’s what this is about.
Tellico really lends itself to two groups- MILD and WILD.

Mild is for the person that likes to get out there and have a great time, but wants to drive his Jeep home looking the way that he brought it. We have a group for this. Trails 4,5,6, and 8 are right up your alley as long as your ZJ or WJ is 4wd and you have at least 30” All Terrain tires. Please no 2wds or street slicks. You’ll want rocker protection and tow points front and rear are mandatory.

Wild is for the person that’s been wheeling for a while and wants to run all the big name trails at Tellico. You’ve got lockers, a winch, and at least 35s. Body damage is no longer a concern to you. Breakage happens, that’s what trailers are for.

Before you start worrying… YES, there is a middle ground. We’ll form an intermediate group based on demand. This group may join the Mild crowd and run some of the harder optional lines on those trails, or run with the Wild group to take some easier legal bypasses. If you think you’d fit in this group and might make a good trail leader candidate, please send me a PM.

IMPORTANT: Trail rides meet at 8:30 AM and leave Crawfords at 9AM sharp, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

OK I’m coming, how do I register?

1. Post up in this thread using this format and fill in the blanks:

Vehicle Year:
Tire Size:
Lockers (0/1/2):
Winch (Y/N):
Other mods/ considerations:

2. Paypal $5 per person eating to [email protected] We need this in advance to fund the cookout. When we receive this, I will add you to the list of confirmed attendees.
3. Sign the waiver before we hit the trails.

Looking forward to seeing some new faces this year. For any other questions or concerns, please email [email protected].


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Be sure to post up so I can add you to the list.

Cam (atl zj)- 37s, 2 lockers. WILD
*Trey (zjeepin)- 37s, 2 lockers. WILD
*Mike (northgazj)- 33s. 1-2 lockers. MILD/ Intermediate/ WILD ???
*Pearce (Pearce)- 37s, 2 lockers. WILD
*Ron (Sudz)- 34s, 2 lockers. WILD
*Ron's friend Tony. 35s, 2 lockers. WILD
David (TrojanMan) 33s, 1 locker. MILD
Mike + friends (MuddTracks) 37s, 2 lockers. WILD
*David (SCJeeper) 31s, no lockers. MILD
Sean (seanzy) 36s, 2 lockers. WILD
*Bailey (cruisinga) 37s, 2 lockers. WILD
Will + friends (zukinut) 35.5s, 2 lockers. WILD
*Ryan (rradford9) 32s, LS. MILD/ INT.
*Johnathon (Reshard's ZJ) 38.5s, 2 lockers. WILD.... or Tyla (2007 WK) 29s, no lockers. MILD
*Ryan (rradford9) 32s, LS, MILD/ INT.

If you have a star by your name, you still need to paypal $5 for each person eating at the cookout.

We need more folks to sign up for the MILD and INTERMEDIATE rides. Tellico has something for everybody. I know you're out there- Come on out and have a blast!

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I'm very interested in going, but, my ZJ will be 2wd that entire weekend unless someone has a 3.73 R&P for a D30 they can help me set when I get there?

My last day here at work is Aug. 3rd. I'd be up there late that night. Again, 2wd unless someone has a R&P.
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