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Newbie to jeeps and finding out there is lots of grey areas and mind fields in what I want to do so thought I’d throw this to the jeep community. I've spent a week looking at parts and YT videos and my mind as gone into tilt mode!

So to cut to the chase I have a stock 1998 Grand Cherokee Lorado 4.0.
I want to put Jeep wrangler wheels on her 17X7.5J 51649. (I already have them with tires). I’m aware, adapters are required. (id prefer to get correct wheel hubs and replace instead of the adapters, but that will also need new rotors etc so one step at a time and lets get her on the road first lol)

I’m also doing a front end rebuild of all ball joints, tie rods, stabilizers etc due to death wobble. Also while doing all this and replacing whats needed, wanting to do a 3 inch lift.

Does the lift require more then stock parts if im buying them anyway and on a budget? whats the forums “suggested” brand of lift/wheel adapters? Am I better buying a full kit for the lift over separate parts?

Thanks in advance for the replies.
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