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I've had 4 GC's all with 4.0s , 2 zj and 1 xj and one wj..
Now I just picked up a nice wj for 8 bills with 4.7 only has 130000 on it . Never been off road.
The problem is its AWD
Never noticed how little knowlage there is about these things. Think it's quadra drive but can't remember. It doesn't have a emblem on back for it. It had 4 wheel full time then neutral and 4 wheel low.
My issue is what can I do to get this thing up in the air atleast 2 in but wouldn't mind 4 in.
What's my best route and my budget is not great . Cause still have to get rims and tires.. and would it benefit me to go with 15 in steel rims with the offset to clear the brakes and like 32s or stay with the 16 in rim size . Thinking wieght might help it be a little spunkier on the trail ..
Any input or resources would be appreciated.. I can do all the work myself . Just trying not to waist a bunch of money on a jeep that may never be any good. I live in Oregon so trails and gravel road travel is always a fun day. But also like it's a daily so ride quality is important.
Thank u
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