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Good evening, new member here and I wanted say hello and thanks for letting me be part of the GC club. I just picked up a used ‘05 WK this evening and I’m looking forward to being part of the forum. The “new” Jeep is a one owner, 4x4 Limited. It’s really a used beauty that has spent all of it’s life in Florida… so it’s super clean. It has just over 125K miles and has boatloads of potential. It’s got a Hemi too. This is the fourth GC I’ve owned over the last 25 years or so (1 ZJ and 2 WJs) and my 10th
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Jeep overall. I also own a KL-TH and a JL-Sport. Sorry to ramble on, I hope that I can contribute to the forum as much as I take away from those of you who are wiser than I 😀
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Nice. I cut the front spoiler down to where that accent line is. It looked way better. I also changed all the interior bulbs to white LED's. I also added a steel mesh screen in front of the lower grill just to protect the radiator fins
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