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1997, Jeep Grand Cherokee
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I just signed up. I'm a "new " owner of a 1997 Grand Jeep Cherokee. It runs really well but but ii is need of attention. For example a new headliner, a cracked windshield and some headlight repair. The latter is the most urgent, which I would like some advice on. The "headlight bucket (the part that holds the three pins that the headlight snaps on to was damaged from bumping into a car parked in front of me. Both of the front sidelights were broken. I purchased
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replacement parts and am in process of replacing them. While doing so, I noticed that the lower pin on the driver side had broken out of the bucket. (See attached photo. In upper right corner there lies one of the locking pins next to the hole in headlight bucket where the pin had broken out of)
I have two questions:
1. Does anyone have a suggestion on where or how to get a new or replacement headlight bucket? I haven't been able to find from searching on several car parts output on line, but maybe I didn't go about it in the best way.
2. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for how it might be repaired?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcomed.

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