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Hello, I'm a resident of Johnson valley, 10 miles from KOH area. I'm retired at 53 m living the dry, dusty, rocky offroaders dream
My details
Currently 98 ZJ limited 4x4 with upgraded 5.9 magnum motor.
Front long arm, 5100 bilsteins, 1 ton steering, 4.5 Rubicon springs with 1 " spacer
Rear long arm not installed til I swap rear axle, 97 E 350 van rear shocks 34.5 x 12.50 16s on stock rims, 4.5 Rubicon springs. I'm constantly on dirt roads so my main direction with this rig is to go fast n still be able to crawl/ flex. Any advice on which parts I need to get or swap is greatly appreciated thanks
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