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Hello everyone, im jacob, 26yo from Sherman, Texas although im moving to OKC on the 18th for a job. Im about 4 months into owning my first ZJ. ive owned a 2 and 4 door XJ, a WJ, and a 2wd WJ (family commuter when the project dailys are on stands) and i consider myself a moderate builder. cutting bodys, lockers, long arms, motor swaps, etc. As i move to OKC/edmond area in a week, it would be cool to meet people since i wont know anyone there. Im an X-ray/CT technologist.

Anyways, build list:

1996 ZJ with a rebuilt 5.2 318, it has about 10k on it so far. Only things ive done to the engine bay is a spectre alum hat ontop of the TB and plug wire heat shields.
A rebuilt 44re (i believe) with about 10k miles as well.
The jeep started with an AWD 249 and i converted to a 231J from a 97 XJ, bolted right in with factory linkage and shifts SMOOTH in my opinion.
4.5" zone lift from the previous owner, i bought the RC long arms (not the lift kit) and replaced the lower joints with johnny joints from currie and the uppers with magnum hiems from Barnes. the rear uppers are an odd 3/4RH-12tpi... so i hacked the ends off and welded in 3/4RH-16tpi.
Rustys adjustable Track bars front and rear that i picked up locally for $150! such a steal.
Mountain Vista Fabrication 44a skidplate with pinion guard.
One rock light above each tire, one above the rear axle, one on the forward angle of the Trans crossmember, and one under the hood shining straight down and not in your face.
Front bumper is cut with a Kevins Offroad D ring recovery and rad support (I love it, but i want the ironman skid for the currie antirock option, so ill sell it eventually)
Rear bumper is removed with sheet metal cut in certain spots, about to start working on a rear bumper.
I installed WJ roof rails onto my ZJ and its honestly one of my favorite "mods".
TJ gas bezel with mopar locking cap
E-fan on a switch over the A/C condensor
Aftermarket horns behind the grill and running lights mounted to the grill
....and the best mod yet.... water bottle for a washer fluid tank.

Sound deadener and 3 layers of insulation the ENTIRE jeep with a new headliner.
Removed the VIC and installed a cubby, using the back wall of the cubby as a switch panel.
When i did the t case swap, i took out a cubby where the t case shifter would be in a 2wd, cut out the bottom, cut the bottom of a crown royal bag, folded it and secured it over the cubby to make a boot hahahaha.
Have a molle panel on the passenger side of the center console and in the cargo area from Spiral Design Works in Florida, they make them for WJs but i found one that could be seen as universal.
All the interior and seats/carpet are in perfect shape.

I think thats it...
Im 26yo and just started my career and starting a new life, aside putting my 401k and own contributions into my IRA/Savings, im saving up for jeep mods.
My list is: IRO tank skid, gears and front E locker, i have some u joint shafts i need to install, i want to finish my rear bumper, i want currie antirock F&R, and thats kinda it.

Question, has anyone ever had a really bad howel noise from a 44a? i have the MVF skid and i hope that helps long with a rebuild. the jeep is LOUD.


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