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Hi Jeep Gurus,

I am new to the states as well as this forum and i need to get myself a new ride and i think i am at the right forum. I have always liked the Jeeps ( only the

Wranglers and JCs) . Though i just love the Wranglers for their customizations and offroading and looks alone, i dont think i would be able to ride them daily 40 miles . So i thought i will move on to the 2nd best the JCs which looks really amazing to my taste. However I have lots of doubts on its reliability and holding value and maintenance over next 3 years thanks to lots of bad stuff i came across regarding the Jeep reliability. But i really love this car and at the same time dont want to end up with a bad car either coz i plan to keep it for atleast 2 years.

Now i have some other options in CPO which really puts me in a weird situation to go
ahead with my purchase considering the fact that CPOs have already taken their depreciation hit and will hold much more value if i tend to get rid of them in a
year or so. So here are the numbers

Option 1 : In KCMO for a 2016 GC Overland with HIGH altitude package robs me by 45 grand +tags and Taxes. A limited would cost around 35Grand but i like to

have the features you get for an extra 10 which is worth the money IMO.

Option 2 : A Merc CPO 2013 GL450 4matic. with roughly 25K miles and warranty till 2018 costs the same 45+tags and taxes.

Now I know both are so different beasts yet they both give me what i need a big capable 4*4 with lots of space ,creature comfort and confidence that i can move my family safely around.

Now here are the 50000 dollar questions and any inputs from the owners of 2016 would be mostly welcome.

1. Is it worth taking a shot and buying a grand new 50 Grand jeep ?
2.How much will it hold its value in 2 years and after 3 years ? a straight 50% depreciation or even more ? Put it other way how many years do i have to keep it for a break even value
3.Practically how reliable are the GCs in real world wrt mainintenance, gas, service costs.
4.Weird question, but what are the chances of buying a lemon ? I was scared seeing a video of an australian GC owner trying to sing his way out to Chrysler folks after buying a lemon !!
5.Is a CPO worth the same value , a good alternative ( its not the brand that i am inclined towards but the product that meets my requirements) as it has already met its depreciation ?
6.A Mercedes CPO is sure to get me good returns if i sell it in an year or so ?Am i right in assuming so ?
7. I feel a car in US is a dead investment so if i am looking to get the best losses out of both in 2 years which would be my best bet ?

Looking forward for some answers as i really need to make my decision quick.

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