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I acquired my 04 Limited from a friend, it took a pretty good hit on the pass side front. It had plenty of issues already however. The 4.7 leaked like a sieve, it had no 4wd and death wobble was starting to show it's head. But it was in good shape and pretty much loaded with to me desired trailer tow package. I proceeded to shovel a big pile of dough it's way over the next 2 years. As it sits today:
Replaced the heads, oil pump, complete timing set, injectors, water pump, p/s pump and the lines to the fan, radiator, crank and cam pos sensors, starter, changed out the hyd lash adjusters with solid adjustable ones, used cams from a 09 Aspen, and a 160A alternator from a Durango. Swapped out the original for an HO factory intake system and just recently replaced the ECM, fuel pump and filter.
The front axle was trashed in the accident and was replaced with a pick a part special. It didn't have Vari Lok so I added a Tru Trac to it and used my original R&P replacing all the bearings and races in it also. The rear axle still has the Vari Lok which is noisy no matter what I add to it but seems to work fine. Replaced all the bushings in the front and rear, added a JKS track bar with KOR bushings, replaced all tie rod ends and ball joints. Running some cheap shocks for now and an Addco rear anti roll bar with home made links. The parts for a long arm are being gathered now and I do have a 242HD t/case ready to go in when the lift goes on.
I put a ton into it time and money wise for sure. Now however it runs and rides great, it has done a Michigan to Arizona and back trip twice now pulling a 4000 lb trailer with no problems at all. I am retired now, ironically I started my design career at Jeep Truck Engineering in Detroit. Witnessed the conception of the TJ, the ZJ and the WJ.
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