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My 01 WJ lighting project!

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Hello all, new member to the forum here I figured id share the start of one of my dreams to come true. So as of november of 2022 i am fresh out of a divorce after 3 years, anyways my now ex-wife had this 2001 which somehow ended up in my name on the title after she got it an we had done a few things to it (custom built front an rear bumpers and a 6“ long arm lift) but it has been parked at a buddy of mines house for a couple years because it gets REALLY bad death wobble and i bought all the long arm lift parts from him that are still on his wj but hasnt had the time to swap them. But with going thru my divorce she didn’t even fight or try to keep that jeep and now the divorce is final an i got to keep it, so with that said I’ve started working on a lifelong dream of mine (well since i was old enough to drive) an that is to have my vehicle lit up like a Christmas tree. I have an obsession with lights, so i am going to share a couple pictures with y’all an please don’t mind my crude drawing i am by no means an artist. But this is a rough draft of what I’ve got pictured in my head and things are changing along the way. right now im currently working on customizing a roof rack with lights that will end up on my Jeep. People are prolly gonna laugh an think im stupid for doin it but ya know what i really don’t care cuz its gonna make me happy!!!! So enough talking, following this message are a couple pictures i got so far

I’ll update this post as i go along wonderful journey of mine!

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Now to clarify the top Picture with the amber an white emergency bars will be mounted on top of the roof rack, plus i have a few more lights to add to it before i get all the wires put into a deutsch plug in case the event should arise that i would need to take the rack off!
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