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Keeping the interior of your Jeep Grand Cherokee in good condition is vital if you want to retain its solid resale value and want your ride to look nice for you and your passengers. Floor liners were created right for this purpose and today we are here to give you a closer look at the new floor liner manufacturer represented at CARiD - 3W Liners.

An advanced design, weatherproof and safe materials, and an accurate fit are just some of their main benefits. While traditional floor liners are made by compression molding, which does not allow for many details, causing the floor liners to be rigid and stiff, 3W liners are made from Thermoplastic Elastomers, which shows advantages of both rubber and plastic materials thus having more strength, resilience, durability, and elasticity.

Each 3W liner is custom fit - the company scans the interior of each car and computer design the pattern incorporating key elements of the vehicle, which gives the floor liners a customized look and feel. Find out more about the main specifications and advantages of 3W floor liners from our new video review.


- Anti-slip construction for perfect grip
- CNAS certifications: environmentally friendly and fire-resistant
- International SGS environment TS 16949 certification
- Weatherproof materials for long-lasting use
- Designed to precisely fit your vehicle
- Water-resistant odorless finish
- Air pockets on the back to absorb road noise.

Keep the interior of your Jeep Grand Cherokee spotless with 3W Floor Liners on!
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