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Just posted my hood vents to eBay if anyone's interested. Great shape including all drip trays and bolts.

I have two Jeep Hood Louvers from a 5.9 ZJ. Includes vents drip trays and all bolts. No damage just needs some paint. These are as rare as a jeep part comes nowadays. Took me months and months to find them.

I ended up using Pontiac GT vents on my 04 WJ because I preferred the look but take my word for it these are a MUCH better option. These are at least twice the strength and in my opinion they are far more functional. The Pontiac vent louvers protrude below the hood level making installation really difficult and cutting off much of the air flow. These vents sit on top of the hood with only the bolt posts needing to pass through it so you can cut whatever air holes you like. Learned that the hard way:nono:


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