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hi everyone.
new to the forum but not new to jeeps. my name is Tom and im from west Michigan.
i currently own a '98 Grand 5.2. in the past had an '84 cj7 with a 360. definitely a v8 guy and they are fun in jeeps.
my jeep has 99k original miles on it, but you couldnt tell by the body. its solid but rockers are gone. it runs awesome. heres a list of mods i ran last year. this jeep is built for the sand of Silver Lake, really the only place i drive it.
diablo tune
CAI with spectre hat
Thorley headers w/3" exhaust
180 stat
DUI Ignition upgrade.
it will keep up with my buddys 5.9 easily. currently in the process of adding 52mm ported throttle body. 1.7 harland sharp roller rockers, clutch fan delete, and ported kegger w/Hughes plenum kit.
i do plan on bringing to dyno when spring comes and snow leaves. any guesses what i may see for rear wheel hp? i know what stock is for motor and the advertised gains for each upgrade but im a realist and not confident you can just add up all those numbers for realistic total. so, any thoughts? has anybody dynoed their 5.2 for fun?
Thank for the forum and heres to many more posts.

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