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ok so here is the story, i love my iro arms and never had a single problem or have any bolts come loose. this is off my 95 zj with the 2hole tranny mount on the crossmember.

i just did a hp30 axle swap with a tnt hd truss, unfortunately the uca does not reach the new raised mount on the truss so im going to get a new la kit. ironrock said for 200 bucks they can send a new gusset and adjustable upper arm and i can hack it and weld it myself but i really dont want to do that.

so here up for sale are the arms and crossmember and all hardware, have had them on since february of this year, only wheeled it once at the tds jeep run, once locally, and a trip to glamis. probably has about 1000 miles on them if not less and mostly on road, i dont drive this during the day because i have a work truck so this is more like my weekend driver. so im askin 500bucks for the arms + shipping.prefer pick up because i really dont want to ship but as long as its not on my dime i guess it can work. so just pm me on here or email to [email protected] my name is ryan locatesd in so cal, palm springs area.

hers a link to my build for pics, scroll down on page 3 shows the arms installed on a 4.5 inch lift and the way it bolts on, and page 7 is some poser shots with a 5.5 inch lift(with limit straps)
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