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I picked up a 2000 WJ 4.0L for a project. The jeep has no rust but some small body dents and scratches which I can fix fairly easy.
The motor is toast according to the former owner who had this rig parked out on his acreage(with about 10 or so other vehicles). He was just going to use it for parts for one of his YJ/TJ projects. So I saved her from the salvage reaper.
I drained the oil and sure enough it was full of coolant, the rad is dry. The previous owner stated that the engine stalled and wouldn't restart. He pulled the plugs and found that on plug #6, the electrode had broken off.
I looked that the remaining plugs and found the engine had been run hot and gap was, visually about 3x that over the OEM replacement and both the centre and ground electrodes worn down.
Next step is to pull the engine and get it on a stand, pop the head and oil pan and inspect things.
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