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Hi All,
I have found a 94 ZJ 5.2 Limited with 160k Km ~ 100k mi on the clock.
Was part of a batch Canadian spec ZJ's that was shipped here in 94. Original Paint, running well, and quite neat - no rust - and interior is mint redid roof liner, striped out interior to detox.

Rather odd one - all wise men in the Jeep word state that v8 ZJ's have D44. Mine have a D35C - inline with build sheet.
Has towing package - again verified by me, and inline with build sheet

It has a partial upcountry suspension - before upcountry was a thing. I found part number tags on springs, weird upside-down Billstein's - completely knackered - and upcountry style bump stops on chassis above axles .
Jeep rides higher than rhd same model series` 2 inches:confused:

Chances for a import and retrofit was zero in those days, so must have been a factory thing.
Even has original floormats

Absent are the Canadian style daytime running lights - or at least the control module.

What I have done:
full 160k km service
Cleaned up interior... twice
New fuelpump
New fuel filter
New Shocks
New brake disks and pads - also welded up divots in caliper sliders.
Rebuild HVAC with new heater core and sponges
New radiator
New shroud - still looking for bottom piece.
New windshield
Replaced LHD headlights with Eurospec RHD ones.
New cradle for above
All new radiator hoses, and thermostat, idler pullet - have HD viscous fan clutch on order with new FlowCooler water pump.
New Goodyear Wranglers - stock honeycomb wheels

Parts that are here and need to be installed:
front and rear suspension bushings
complete transmission rebuild kit plus shift improve kit (Alto and transgo)
Fuel tank skid plate.
Replacement rear wiper motor
Fender liners
heap of plastic trim clips

98 ZJ console with cup holders - redone in correct colour scheme - added usb charging points.
Roof liner reupholstered in seat matching (champagne) vinyl, same with roof console.
Full size honeycomb spare wheel - space saver in 4x4...really?

Planned modifications:
98 zj 5.9 hood vents
Bosch 0280155710 injectors
adding in "missing" upcountry parts
adding in missing running lights or equivalent
looking for spare wheel carrier - original one
Upgrading infinity audio..with infinity :D new ones. radio and speakers is ill as well.

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welcome along :)
the space saver was binned in a tech update years ago due to overheating the limited slip rear axle plates if fitted and burning out the 249 transfer boxes if a Quadtrac model

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Love the Jeep - one other ''mod''...being a lhd car in a rhd country can be a pain - I am investigating a overtaking camera
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