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1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4L 6 cyl

Bought beginning of spring.

Love the truck parked the night before and would not start the next day...

1) Would turn over but not start.
2) After turning key all lights and bells go off as regular start up except

a. gauges not working
b. gas light comes on with Bing and stays on (have gas though!)
c. will not give any codes

3) TESTS done so far...

Battery good
Checked all relays and fuses all good
No security issues
no ground to pump from relay, but pump works on separate power source.
unplugging pcm does not make a difference either in or out

4) past work done:

beginning of summer installed stereo but all good no problems

Water pump blew beginning of august all good sents

Fixed leads to battery a few weeks before it not working, due to a charge issue. Batttery gauge spiked to 18 v and down battery had a low cell. Changed battery at that time. Was all good with new battery, checked all with meter.

I am a FT single parent just laid off due to medical issue, so really like to get this figured out.

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