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Been a car, truck, boat, bike, hell, anything with an engine nut, Mopar specifically, my whole life. Used to wheel back in the day. I had a Ramcharger with locked tons and always admired coil sprung Jeeps. My brother-in-law had one of the early 8" long arms kits on his WJ and the flex blew my mind. Always told myself if I got back into wheeling again it was going to be a Z or WJ.

Long story short and a million cars and hobbies later the youngest daughter is loving X and Zj's so.. begrudgingly to mom we started looking. Found this one on CL advertised as having a coolant leak so I went to take a look. Super straight and purrs like a kitten running. Looks like the water pump seal has given up the ghost and it just so happens I have a 5.2 Mag sitting beside the garage. Oh and, she was only $400.!

Im heading to NOVA this week to pick up a barely used seat of 32's on MT III's. Soon as the coolant issue is done I'll probably order a RC short arm kit for her and start to wrench on it. Would so love a Claton long arm but its just not in the budget.

Ive been looking for a place to soak up knowledge and share our build, this looks like a great one..
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