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LOCATION- This event will take place on August 5-7, based out of Crawford’s Campground. This campground offers tent and RV sites, clean bathrooms with hot showers, a full 2 bay shop with air and welder, a rock garden, a mud pit (just ask firemedic) and an RTI ramp. To see more about Crawford’s, visit
Steve has a group pavilion available for our use for the cookout that we will have on saturday night. Other cabins and hotels are available in the area, but the fun will be at Crawford’s, so I’d recommend staying there.

Trail Rides will meet at 8:30am and leave no later than 9:00am.
Trail rides will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the following difficulties
Skid Plates, Rocker Protection, tow points front and rear, and 30-31" tires recommended. Smaller vehicles could be considered, but know that you're taking a greater risk of damage with less than the above.
Intermediate- All of the above plus 31-33" tires and some previous driver experience. One locker would help.
Advanced- 33”+ tires and at least one locker, plus the above. Winch advised, body damage is more likely but can be avoided.
The trails that we will run will depend largely on weather, group sizes and abilities; weather can change trail conditions at Tellico over night. But expect to have a great time rain or shine!

Upper Tellico ORV area charges $5 per day per vehicle. Please have $5 for each of the days you plan to wheel, fees are paid one day at a time.
The price for the event will be whatever you spend on your campsite (see Crawford’s site) plus a small registration fee of $5 for the cookout and pavilion.

I have everything set up for GSSE Registration, which will take place in two parts. Registration will be open until Thursday the 4th. If you decide after that you would like to come, you are welcome but not guaranteed food at the cookout.

1. First, call Crawfords Campground at 828-837-9077 and reserve your site. Rates and details are at We'll be wheeling Friday, Saturday, and Maybe a half day Sunday, so reserve a sight accordingly. You can reserve your site for only the nights you plan to stay. I'll call Steve and let him know to expect our group.

2. We will be having a cookout on saturday night at Crawford's pavilion. In order to fund this, I will be collecting a registration fee. In order to officially register, paypal me, Tim Carlton at [email protected] $5 per adult, and $2 per child that will be eating. Please include the following information:

Screen Name
Real Name
# of adults eating
# of kids eating
Trail Ride preference (beginner, intermediate or advanced)

I will post a running list of those that are registered in another thread.
The only other money that will be required is $5 or $10 exact change per day of wheeling for Tellico Day use fees. Food for saturday night will be provided, you'll have to provide the rest of your food.

*** Please note *** we MAY end up making two groups instead of three trail groups. Do not worry, we'll make sure that everyone gets on an appropriate trail ride.

Feel Free to e-mail or PM me with any questions or concerns. Look forward to seeing everyone there.
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