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Hello, fellow Jeep WJ Meisters. My history with Jeep WJ's started off rocky, because my '99 WJ 4.7V8 Limited was struck by a freak lightning bolt while parked at night during a major storm a few years back, and subsequently defied all attempts to get it running reliably ever since. A conveyor belt of auto electricians failed to diagnose and cure the electrical gremlins caused by that explosive lightning bolt, so I eventually gave up on ever resolving the issues with that particular truck.

Cutting to the chase, I traded in that trouble-prone '99 WJ Limited for a 2004 WJ Overland with the 4.7 V8 High Output powerplant barely two weeks ago, and boy am I glad I did. The acceleration of this stately chariot is utterly astonishing, and the G-forces that are unleashed when I gently apply throttle damn near exceed those I experience in my 2009 Mercedes 550CLK, which is saying a lot. This WJ Overland's High Output engine is a rampaging beast for sure, and I plan on keeping this vehicle until the cows come home.

Prior to lucking out with this trade, and being the impatient sort, I'd been window shopping online for a replacement WJ, and thus snagged a 2004 WJ Laredo with the standard 4.7V8, whose delivery is scheduled a couple of weeks from now. So now, all of a sudden, I'm the proud owner of TWO 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees, meaning of course that I'll be a regular in this forum seeking consultations with the gurus on subjects ranging from suspension noise suppression to power train performance and all stops in between.

That'll be enough rambling from me for the time being. May the force be with you as it is with me when I drive my '04 WJ overland out here in the sticks. Over and out.
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