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By posting or replying to a classified ad on NAGCA, you agree to all of the terms and conditions stated below. Failure comply will result in any action deemed appropriate by the moderators and administrators of

The classified ads are open to registered members of If you are not a registered member, please take the time by clicking here to register. It's free and only takes a few minutes.

Failure to follow the posted rules will result in deletion of your classified ad at any time without any warning. Other violations may result in a warning, infraction, and/or ban from NAGCA. Terms of such violations are to be freely interpreted by the administrator or moderator without further dispute.

If a moderator asks you to change, move, or delete a post and the request is not handled promptly, the ad(s) will be deleted without notice.


* Include a PRICE and a LOCATION. If you are unsure of the price, list your high price and add "Or Best Offer". It is up to you and the potential buyer to come to an agreement on price.
* Give a decent description of your item(s) and be HONEST about the condition. Failure to post pertinent information will result removal of your ad!
* Post Photos of your item(s) [recommended]. Posting photos is a sure way to get serious buyers and not waste time. People will ask for photos anyways, so post them when you make the thread.
* When your item(s) are sold, follow up by either deleting the ad or posting "SOLD" in your thread.
* If you suspect fraud or illegal activity in any person's ad, please report it to a Moderator and it will be investigated. However, please refrain from posting your suspicion in the ad.


* Do Not 'bump' a for sale thread more than once in a 48 hour period; further, only a maximum of three for sale threads may be created or bumped in any given 48 hour period. If you have multiple items to sell, create one thread with the various items listed in that one thread.
* Do Not post a complete vehicle part out without any prices. For a complete vehicle part out all major parts must be listed with prices (i.e. motor, trans, transfer case, doors must have prices)
* Do Not post a similar item(s) in somebody else's Ad! Competing in somebody else's ad is not tolerated. Make your own thread.
* Do Not Cross-Post your Ad. Posting the same ad in different sections is not tolerated and will result in deletion of both ads.
* Do Not post FEELER ADS. They are stupid and will be deleted. If you want to sell and item, price it at market value. If you want to "feel" the market, price a little high - We're all big kids, we'll know if it's a 'feeler' or not.
* Do not post your classified ad with ONLY a link to another classifieds web site. (i.e. Ebay, other forums etc...) Post your same info here, otherwise your ad will be deleted.
* Do Not post negative commentary in another person's ad. If you don't like how the item is priced or you purposely give a low-ball offer out of spite, you will receive an infraction or be banned.
* DO NOT ACT AS THE PRICE POLICE. This pertains to the rule above. If you feel that the seller is posting an item or items at an unfair price, do not buy it! Do not post in their ad that you feel the price is too high, or that you can get the same item cheaper somewhere else. Handle your debate via email or Private Messaging and not publicly. If you don’t like the price, don't buy it!

Commercial Entities:

* Any commercial Ads will be deleted. The NAGCA for sale section is a non-commercial zone. If you are an official NAGCA Vendor, you may use the Vendor Forums for commercial proceedings.
* Commercial Entities MAY sell USED parts in the classifieds (exemption to above rule), but may not sell new parts in the classifieds.
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