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This place doesn't seem too active, but here's to hoping someone can chime in here for me.

I've been slowly replacing all bulbs with LEDs on my 2000 WJ. Just did the tail lights today and that of course means hyper flashing turn signals. I do not want to install resistors, so if it comes down to it I'll deal with the hyper flash.

But what I'm wondering though is, since no one makes a 9 pin LED relay, could the stock relay be modified? Tacoma guys (since they have 9 and 12 pin relays I think depending on DRL) seem to be able to do this thing where they open the relay and grind away a part to make it thinner and that fixes the hyper flash. I've never torn a relay apart, and don't have one for the WJ sitting around. Don't feel like spending the $30+ just to investigate if this could be done. So I'm hoping someone on here has a relay, even a dead one, they could open up and get pictures of or tell if doing the Tacoma mod would be possible.

Or at the very least, a way to remove the dang hyper click that comes with hyper flash. Thanks!
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