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Death wobble in a Grand Cherokee?

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We are looking at buying a 2021 Grand Cherokee with a 2021 Gladiator as a trade. Was wondering if the Cherokee has the Death Wobble like other models of jeep have. And if so what was the cure for it if there is one. We love our Gladiator but Jeep is jerking us around. They have had it for 6 weeks and only replaced the steering damper, which did not solve the problem. The Glady is still under warranty and maybe that's why they don't want to fix it. From what I have read it seems like the track bar is the main culprit. Any and all input will be great.
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I experienced it only one time, while towing the 21 Grand Cherokee anniversary model (basically a rebadged limited) behind a motorhome. It started after a slow speed hard right from a stop sign on a rough road. I could feel it through the motorhome steering wheel.

I stopped on the roadway. When I moved forward again the wobble was gone. Has never happened while actually driving the Jeep.
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