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Might be an unexpected question but since I see the tire and wheel forum, thought I'd ask some advice.

Just picked up my 2017 Summit GC w/30k miles from a local dealer. In pictures it clearly had Pirelli Scorpion tires which looked to also have decent tread. Possibly new. When I picked it up, it was in a rain storm. Got home to find Goodyear Fortera on them. Tread is decent but one is lower but still not bad.

I'd rather the Pirellis as I feel they are superior tires to the Forteras.

On the phone they denied this happened. That they always take pictures of the final vehicle configuration. I said, well not in this case.

Thoughts on how to handle this? I am bringing in the pictures I have to prove it had Pirellis on it. Feels like a bait and switch to me.

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