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Stuff is going back to the junkyard when I get the chance. It's in rough shape as to be expected for 15 year old parts but if you need something let me know. Axle is a Dana Spicer 35, 3.55 gears, disc brakes

Differential parts
-cross pin and bolt
-c clips
-3.55 ring and pinion gear
-gear carrier
-differential cover
-differential cover bolts

Axle parts
-axle shafts (pitted)
-brake caliper bolts
-spring retainer clips
-vent hose

-bushings for aftermarket rear link
-suspensions bolts
-lower control arm bolts (2)
-stabilizer bar bolt (to axle)
-upper control arm bolts (2)

Stuff that came with the replacement axle:
-rusty rotors
-calipers with pads
-hard line that goes along axle

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