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Two subjects. First the easy one. Where is the (right) turn signal flasher located?
The second one is I'm losing antifreeze about a gallon a week. If I start my jeep and let it idle within a couple of minutes I get antifreeze coming from the left front bottom of the radiator. This goes along the bottom grill and I have a line of drips. Puzzling thing is that after it runs for a while the leaks stop. No noticible decrease in fluid level after it stops leaking. If I drive it for a while, no leaks at all. Could this be a malfunctioning thermostat and this is overflow? I know these thermostats are either full open or full closed. Anybody tried the JET low-temperature thermostat? If so, how involved is the installation? That's alot so I appreciate any help.

'95 Grand Cherokee Orvis, 5.2L

Thank you in advance,
Jim Brim
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