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Hey guys,

I looked at a '94 ZJ Laredo (4.0l, auto) today and I'm interested in buying it. All-over it's a good clean Jeep although there's a couple of issues I wanted to check before purchasing.

When idle, there's a slight tremble from what feels to be the bottom of the engine. There doesn't appear to be any idling issues. When you give it a rev or go through the gears it's fine. It just seems to occur after a few seconds of the Jeep idling itself. Does it at all sound similar to anyone? We found an old service inspection from 2003 which indicated on it that there was slight engine movement. Surely if it's survived the past 6 years it mustn't be anything to serious? It's nothing annoying nor would it bother me, but it would be nice to know what it is.

Engine check light is on! We did the ignition code diagnostics test and it returned the codes 51 and 55. A little search online sourced that 51 is the O2 sensor ("a lean air/fuel mixture has been indicated by an abnormally rich correction factor") and 55 is completion of the fault code display. The engine check light wasn't on before the seller used a fuel flush product along with the fuel - problem and solution in one? Will it go away and if it doesn't is it only a case of replacing the senor? Is that costly?

Lastly but not least, all the electrics appear to work fine apart from switching off the wipers - when you switch off they stop anywhere on the windscreen rather than in the correct parking position?

Thats all. :)
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