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Hello all , I am having an overheating issue with my 95 ZJ 5.2L V8.
It recently started getting warm at idle. If I’m at stop light the temp will start rising past 210 slowly and cool back down as a drive. Also noticed the A/C will stop blowing cold and heater stopped getting hot. But once I start driving again the temp will go back down and ac get cold again. . All these issues seemed to start after replacing the thermostat. Thinking I got a faulty thermostat I replaced it again but that still did not fix the issue.

After a bit of research online I was leaning more towards a bad fan clutch or water pump.
replaced both of those along with a new radiator cap and that did not help either! I am completely clueless now on what could be causing this issue..
Any help would be greatly appreciated!:)
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