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2023 GC L Overland issues

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just bought a brand new Overland in December 22
I love the ride but started right off with issues.
I was wondering if anyone has heard about these.
Door locks dont power lock automatically.
During receiving texts the front left speaker goes out and sometimes does not come back on.
While talking on phone the phone does not switch to hand device when exiting vehicle. Unless i manually switch it on my phone.(even after car is off)

I took it in to get repaired and they gave it back to me nothing fixed after 2 weeks. Brought it back and was told they couldnt fix it.
Now the sunroof motor died.
I hope i didnt get a lemon, i'm trying to stay positive.
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hey imagebearer . Hi; well I just bought a brand new 4xe two days ago and the driver side seat would not adjust up so I could drive home for the dealership comfortably [ bad switch ] they say, get it fixed Monday. will let you know if more happens "God forbid " keeping the faith in Ca.
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