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2013 GC v6 transmission issue

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Hello so one day leaving work I accelerated from a stop light and noticed my transmission was not shifting and RPMS reved up a bit and then went back to normal. Then it started happening after letting the car sit for 8+ hours overnight or at work accompanied with a kind of "bump" after taking off from stop. Then on some mornings after I got to a stop light my transmission would basically disengage and either wouldnt move or barely go unless I restarted the car and it would drive perfect rest of the day. Now I had uneven tread wear on my passenger side compared to the drivers side. I then got 4 new tires and instantly the rough shifting and "bump" went away and shifts smooth unless its a random downshift that feels a little bit rough sometimes at the lower gears. There is a bit of sluggish acceleration especially when stopped on hill and go to take off. I had it scanned for codes and got p0732. Vehicle still drives really good besides a few random things that happen after vehicles sits for long times it seems and then after restarting the car and getting trans up to temp it runs great to me. So basically it seems everything is fixed by shutting car off and back on? any thoughts?
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