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I have a 2011 "white elephant" Grand Cherokee Laredo "X". I just replaced my front brake hoses, calipers, rotors and pads. I had warp issues and it would set up the dreaded "death wobble". When doing the job I found out the passenger side caliper had been replaced once since it had the 7mm slide pins. The driver's side pins were still the 11mm (original equipment). The driver's side was hanging up the most which the pads showed. But the west on the pads were not normal. Nothing I had ever seen on any brake pads/job I had ever done in the past. Let me add, I bought this vehicle used from a dealership. The driver's side pads did not contact the rotors surface fully. By this I mean the full width of the pad did NOT contact the full face of the rotors front and back surface. Instead, the upper 1/4" of the front and back pads NEVER touched the rotors surface which left a "lip" of untouched pad material on the pads and roughly a 1/2" of rotor surface NEVER touched by these pads !!! Both calipers look to be of the same type, neither one smaller or bigger than the other. The pads from left to right are the same with what appears to be the same part number still visible on thier backs. But yet the untouched pad and rotor surfaces....??? If ANYONE could shed any light on this I would be greatful. Again, this is on the JEEP's 2011 "White Elephant" that they decided for ONLY this model year to put a different gear ratio in the front end than what's in the rear end and expecting the transmission and transfer case to pick up the slack/difference !!! That was a learning curve in itself !!!
If anyone could shed some light it'd be great. The pads line up as should on the brake job I just completed as far as mating up correctly on the rotors. I just can't figure out the old pads and rotors and why or how ???
Thank you in advance for any help anyone could send my way,
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