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Okay guys: we were going to try and get a group permit this year and we just found out that we do not qualify for one from the Arizona State Trust Land Permit Department.

Some of our runs will be on Arizona State Trust Land so if you so choose to purchase one do it here:

How you can obtain one via mail:

"Q. How do I obtain a Recreation Permit?

A. You may download a recreation permit application from the Recreation Page of the Arizona State Land Department website. Once completed and signed mail the application and corresponding application fee to:

Arizona State Land Department
C/o Public Records
1616 W. Adams St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Please allow 3-6 days to process Individual & Family Permits, 60 days to process Event Permits, and 3-6 months to process Special Land Use Permits."

All the legalities and such are on the State Trust Land web pages.

Your choice.

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