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I have been having problems with the rear parking sensor system. It had been working intermittently, although not well when it did function (detected people, cars, hazards, only when I was close to hitting them), now the system has completely died.

I am hoping to get help, advice and instructions on how to diagnose and correct the system.

1. No audible noise
2. No lights in rear headliner.
3. On/off Parking Sensor button on the center console, doesn't light up or have any effect on the system.
4. I have NEVER, not even now with the system inoperable, have I gotten an message saying "Check Parking System" or "System Failure."

Things I have done:
1. I checked the fuse. Although the fuse doesn't appear to be working when I test it (tester doesn't light up), I have replaced the fuse twice, yet none of the fuses appeared to be blown, including the original. None of the fuse light up the tester. The tester is working, other fuses light up. Additionally, the other accessories on this fuse all work.
2. I have removed the center console, inspected it and the wiring; all seems fine. The other buttons in series, hill assist, hazard lights, rear outlet, etc., all function. Only this button doesn't work.
My questions:
1. How can I determine if it is just one or more bad sensors? How do I test them?
2. How can I test for a wiring short?
3. Where is the wiring harness located? I have read that it is behind the cargo area right side trim panel. I question this because starting at the under dash fuse panel, it appears that the wiring is along the left side.
4. How do I replace a Sensor? Is it just pop it out, unplug it, plug in new one and insert from the outside of the bumper or does the bumper need to be removed?
5. Is the fact that I have never received any fault messages about the system significant in diagnosing the problem?

Any and all help, advice and insight is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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