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Good Morning all! This jeep 😤 Ok so my Jeep has something going on that I can't track down. I bought it used and for the first few weeks it was fine and then it went downhill. It shakes and sputters at stop signs, won't shift uphill, and until it's up to 2500-3000rpm, but once it finally shifts and I'm on the interstate it runs fine (usually). If I have to sit too long at a stop light, the service engine light turns on. If I'm driving slowly through a parking lot, or behind someone who is driving too slow going onto an on-ramp, the light turns on. I took it to a shop and the mechanic plugged it into a diagnostics machine. He told me there were no problems and billed me for it. I took it to O'Reilly Auto Parts and they looked up the code P0302 code and gave me a huge list of possible problems. So, I began with the least expensive and worked my way down the list. My Brother has nearly rebuilt this thing. The same code continued with the service engine light solid, not blinking, and only blinking on rare occasions. Finally, replaced the camshaft position sensor, and immediately the P0302 code was gone but was replaced by P0305. It would throw random codes, so I thought maybe ECM? So I ordered that and replaced it because the original was really corroded and rusted. It still has the P0305 code. Spark plugs are new, the fuel rail is new, and all 6 new fuel injectors. It has a TON of new parts on it. What might this be?

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