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Good aftermoon, I have a 2000 v6 4.0 Grand Cherokee that is giving me nothing but problems.. I apparently have a misfire between cylinders 2 & 5. I have replaced so many things and have taken it to 3 mechanics. One of the auto shops had it for 37 days and couldn't figure out the issue. $1100.00 later the truck breaks down the next morning. Seems the engine runs hot, and while driving, it seems to bog down at 40mph and if you press on gas pedal too much it makes a popping sound. Doesn't get up and go like it should- PLEASE HELP!
Throttle position sensor (twice)
Idle air control module
Temp pressure sensor and pigtail
Spark plugs
Coil pack (twice)
Map sensor (twice)
Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Purge solenoid
Valve cover gasket
Pcv valves
3 motor mounts
3 o2 sensors
Crankshaft position sensor , (twice)
Ambient air sensor
Upgraded to 12 hole 24lb fuel injectors. All 6, BUT HAVEN'T REPLACED PIGTALES
0xygen sensor relays, & long fuses, or tall fuses
PCM (twice)
Oil pressure sensor

Im at a loss at this point. I do not know what else to do. Hopefully you guys can help me become satisfied with my purchase again. At this point I just want to figure it out for shear principle..
Thanx in advance,

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You're a little bit all over the place here.
Start with what are the actual symptoms? "Break down" is pretty vague, so is "seems to run hot".
Do you have any codes?
Was there anything you did just before the problems started?
Have you confirmed that you have spark on all cylinders?
Have you done a compression test?
Have you Bench tested the new injectors?
Have you confirmed voltage at the injectors?
Have you done a smoke test to check for vacuum leaks?
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